As winter's icy grip slowly loosens its hold on our mountains, the arrival of spring brings a spectacular transformation to the rugged landscape. As the snow-capped peaks start to thaw, rivulets of melted snow cascade down the slopes, swelling streams and filling alpine lakes. The once barren forests begin to stir with new life as tender green shoots emerge from the forest floor, and buds burst forth on the branches of aspen and pine trees. The crisp mountain air carries the scent of pine and earth, while the distant sound of rushing water echoes through the valleys. Against the backdrop of towering peaks still dusted with snow, we patiently wait for the vibrant colors of wildflowers to blanket the meadows, painting the scene with hues of purple, yellow, and pink. Spring in Summit County is a time of renewal, where nature awakens from its winter slumber, and the promise of warmer days beckons adventurers and nature lovers alike to explore its breathtaking beauty.

Here's all that's happening in Summit County this week:

Thursrch, March 21st

Square Dance Class @ Dillon, 6:30 pm

Live Music with 9000 Feet @ Frisco, 6 pm

Bingo! @ Breckenridge, 8 pm

Friday, March 22nd

Golden Horseshoe Hike @ Breckenridge, 9 am

Karaoke Night! @ Keystone, 4 pm

Live Music with Local Bands @ Silverthorne, 6 pm

Full Moon Snowshoe Tour @ Breckenridge, 6 pm


Saturday, March 23rd

Introduction to Backcountry & Splitboarding @ Silverthorne, 8 am

SheJumps x SheSki Fest @ Copper Mountain, 9:30 am

Live Jazz @ Silverthorne, 7:30 pm

Vandelux @ Frisco, 8:30 pm

Sunday, March 24th

Family Gym Time @ Breckenridge, 9 am

Mountain Tour @ Copper Mountain, 1 pm

Community Dinner @ Breckenridge, 6 pm


Have a wonderful week Living the Mountain Life! 

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